About Circular Cities Asia

Circular Cities Asia (CCAsia) is Asia’s first innovation and knowledge platform to foster entrepreneurship that makes our urban spaces more circular. Our goal is to create an ecosystem that helps corporations, start-ups, entrepreneurs and consumers identify and profitably address barriers impacting the transition to more circular urban systems, products and solutions. We believe that circular cities are smart, livable and sustainable.

Cities in Asia will continue to play a key role in creating employment, lifting millions of people out of poverty and in enabling their access to essential goods and services. The current linear economy, where the "take-make-dispose" model is adopted will not be sustainable in the long run, potentially worsening environmental toxicity and degrading the quality of urban lifestyles. We assert that there is an urgent need to move towards a circular economy.


We identify three main attributes of a Circular City - 1) The Performance-Driven City, 2) The Nutrient-Aware City and 3) The Nature-Inspired City. 




Our Team is supported by RENERGii Asia, a startup studio that leverages on Singapore’s strength in urban innovation to build next generation of urban sustainability and circular economy businesses in Singapore and the region.