Bengaluru City Chapter

Bengaluru is the technology capital of India and is popularly known by the sobriquet 'Silicon Valley' of the country. These accolades represent a significant transformation from just three decades ago, when Bengaluru was known for its high quality of life and considered to be a model 'garden city' in recognition of its ecological biodiversity.Since then, our city has rapidly urbanized and our population has grown from about 4 million in 1990 to more than 12 million currently, creating rapid pressure on urban systems.

The Bengaluru City Chapter of CC Asia aims to build a community of like-minded stakeholders and leverage on the city's rich intellectual capital, deep innovation ecosystem and knowledge networks to implement circular economy principles in our city, with the objective of balancing both economic growth and ecological constraints.

Let us come together to engage with our city to discover and act on these entrepreneurial opportunities, get inspired by success stories, and engage with local authorities to enable this transition to a livable, sustainable and waste-free Circular Bengaluru.