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Did you know that 2700L of water goes into making a single t-shirt? As much as we love expressing our personal styles through fashion, the fact remains that is that it is a very linear industry. Ever wondered about the current perspectives around circularity in fashion?

This webinar, the first in a series organized by Circular Cities Asia, will address the following points:

·  What are the existing linearities in the fast fashion industry and the causes?

·  Understand how circular entrepreneurs are helping to address these linearities.

·  Discuss potential steps and innovations needed to transition the industry from linear to circular.


You can register for the webinar here.



·  Najah Onn, Footprint Mechanics (Australia)

·  Kriti Tula, Doodlage (India)

·  Paras Arora, Doodlage (India)


Moderator:  Shiva Susarla, Circular Cities Asia Platform Lead



·  Opening remarks by Shiva

·  Presentation by Najah Onn, (Footprint Mechanics)

·  Presentation by Paras and Kriti (Doodlage)

·  Panel Discussion & QNA

·  Concluding Remarks

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