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Circular Innovation Toolkit

We believe that innovation is key to accelerating the circular economy.


Our toolkit was designed to help you kick-start your circular innovation journey.

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Check out the accompanying videos below that explain each section of the toolkit!

Problem Phase

This phase is about exploring a number of different problems, digging deep to understand them and then narrowing down which ones you’d like to create solutions for. Before jumping into solutioning, take the time to investigate the challenges you’re interested in addressing. The problem discovery phase is an iterative process that you may go through several times before finding a validated problem that needs to be solved.

Identify Problems Worth Solving

What problems exist within your local context?

problem discovery worksheet.PNG

Ideation Phase

It’s time to take all of the inspiration and knowledge you gained from the problem phase and find a circular solution that could be implemented in your local context. This phase will use the problem you’ve validated as a starting point to ideate and design solutions.

Get Inspired by Circular Design Strategies

Uncover opportunities to design circular solutions

circular design strategies wheel.PNG

Circular Economy Overview

The "circular economy" is a concept that has become popular when thinking about sustainability and it’s often talked about as something that we should work towards. Here you'll get a baseline understanding of the principles of a circular economy.

Rethinking Current Systems

Transitioning to circular economies requires a shift in systems & our ways of thinking

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