Principles of a Circular City

The Performance-Driven City

  • A Circular City is Performance-driven.

  • New business models sell 'services' rather than products.

  • Customers pay for 'access' and not 'ownership'

  • Digital technologies allow optimal utilization of urban assets and enable efficiency.

The Nutrient-Aware City

  • The Nutrient-aware City tracks flows of technical and biological nutrients through Urban systems. 

  • Material Passports record stocks of technical nutrients to enable future recovery and upcycling. 

  • Technology platforms provide assurance and trust about nutrient quality.

The Nature-Inspired City

  • A perfectly Circular City produces no waste!  

  • The Nature-inspired City uses Biomimicry to engineer truly sustainable products that draw inspiration from natural ecosystems and completely design out waste and toxicity from Urban systems.