Mysuru City Chapter

Mysuru, the cultural capital of Karnataka, is considered to be one of India's cleanest cities. The city also boasts of a deep university ecosystem and is a popular choice of residence for 'retirees'. As such, the city offers a high quality of life and is generally well appreciated for the delicate balance it strikes between ecological and economic considerations.Yet, Mysuru is not immune to the imbalances of urbanization and economic development. Increasing volumes of solid waste and the signs of early stress on availability of drinking water, coupled with an ambitious vision of zero waste outcomes has set the stage for accelerated adoption of circular economy principles in the city.

Circular Mysuru, the city chapter of Circular Cities Asia, is the first initiative to  build a shared understanding of our challenges in getting to Zero-Waste and to chalk out pathways to achieving this vision.

Circular Mysuru also builds a strong innovation community and aims to leverage on the deep knowledge and research ecosystem in the city to unleash the circular innovation potential of young Mysoreans.