Our Team

Shiva Susarla

Shiva is the Platform Lead for CC Asia. He is the  Founder-Director of RENERGii Asia, a Singapore based advisory boutique helping reimagine  Asian cities as circular, regenerative ecosystems.

Shiva's  background is in renewable energy, clean tech and energy efficiency investments, advisory and policy research. 

Ummi Tasfia

 As an Analyst at RENERGii, Tasfia helps to conduct research and analysis to develop a circular vision for our cities. She is the city convener of Circular Cities Asia in Singapore.

Mitali Poovayya 

Mitali's training as a Neuroscientist helps her engage with the complexity of urban systems. She is the city convener of Circular Cities Asia in Bangalore, India.

Pramod Shaandilya

Pramod's entrepreneurial background and film-maker training enables him to build a narrative and argument for Circular Cities on digital media. He is the city convener of Circular Cities Asia in Mysore, India.

Elena Messiou

Elena is the founder of Levant Foods Ltd, a food business based in Hong Kong.  She's also one of the certified global trainers for ClimateLaunchpad. With extensive operational experience in the luxury hospitality industry, she's held executive management positions with large hotel brands in Europe and China. Elena is currently working as an independent consultant for the hospitality and retail industry in the Benelux region.

Anuj Jain

Dr. Anuj Jain is the Founder of BIOSEA and the Co-Founder of the Singapore Biomimicry Network.  Anuj's  interests range from wildlife conservation, ecological planning and  ecosystem service assessments to creating nature-inspired designs for  the built environment.

 Anuj is a National Geographic Explorer for work  on hornbills, a recipient of the Joan Mosenthal DeWind award for  Lepidoptera Conservation by Xerces Society, USA and the Past Chairperson  of Nature Society (Singapore)'s Butterfly & Insect Group. He  also leads a program on preventing bird extinctions and illegal  wildlife trade via the BirdLife International partnership in Asia. 

Lavanya Susarla

Lavanya is the Commercialisation Manager for disruptive innovation at the Queensland Urban Utilities in Brisbane. With many years of diverse experiences in various leadership positions, Lavanya is a recognized water sector strategist in Australia, NZ and the broader Pacific region.

Her management experience spawns across the entire urban water cycle and she brings not just a deep understanding of the technical and economic complexities of urban water systems and markets, but also deep empathy for communities.