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The world is heading towards a crisis that will require massive changes in the way we live, work and play. Linear systems of production and consumption would need to be disrupted through innovation - as the founder of ClimateLaunchpad says, we need to solve climate change, one start-up at a time.

In this discussion on 'Trends in CleanTech innovation', Shiva chats with Jop to understand trends in CleanTech innovation in Latin America with specific focus on the following questions:


1) What are the barriers that make it difficult for CleanTech start-ups to achieve success, as opposed to start-ups in other industries?


2) In a pandemic-striken world, can CleanTech be an opportunity for entrepreneurs and firms to find new markets while making a positive impact on the world?

3) What kind of funding is available for CleanTech start-ups to leverage on? 

4) What are the trending topics that entrepreneurs have been focusing on? Are there any patterns?

You can register for the event here.



·  Jop Blom - Behold NL, ClimateLaunchpad Colombia

·  Shiva Susarla (Moderator) - RENERGii, Circular Cities Asia



·  Opening remarks by Shiva

·  Presentation by Jop

·  Panel Discussion & Audience QNA

·  Concluding Remarks

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